CG Animation

In this section are grouped  videos and materials taken from CG projects I worked on. They are feature film, tv specials and series, and, in general, all the projects involving laregely or exclusively CG animated content.

The original footage, logos, trademarks and all the related materials are copyrighted by the legitimate owners

Winx Transformation

Winx Club: Season 5 - Transformation video from wick3d on Vimeo.

Rainbow Animation Studio began the production of the fifth season of the famous "Winx Club" animated series in the early 2012. The show, now embedding a lot of full CG animation footage, has been aired on the main italian broadcast channel starting from november 2012.
I worked here mainly as an environment shading/texture artist and as a lighting artist on more than 30 shots.

Software used: Autodesk Maya/Mental Ray, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop

La Cantata dei Pastori (trailer)

La Cantata dei Pastori - Trailer from wick3d on Vimeo.

This movie has been aired in Italy on the main national broadcaster (Rai 1). It's a 50 minutes special about Christmas and Nativity, flavoured with typical and funny "Neapolitan Style" characters and folkore. I worked on it with the guys of Mad Entertainment Studio, in Naples, mainly as a lighting TD and comp artist. I took care of about 195 shots of the movie.

Software used: Autodesk Maya, Vray for Maya, Eyeon Fusion

Black To The Moon (trailer)

Black To The Moon - trailer from wick3d on Vimeo.

This trailer shows an earlier version of "Black To The Moon", an animated movie for the international market on which I'm working now as a lighter and compositor.

The movie has been released in Spain on 15th, February, 2013.
I worked on it when I was in Animoka Studios (Turin). As a lighting TD and comp artist I took care of over 80 shots.

Software used: Autodesk Maya/Mental Ray, The Foundry Nuke