The Nostalgist wins international prizes!

Great news! It was a great summer for the sci-fi short movie "The Nostalgist" , which has been awarded with the "Best Short Film" prize at the Giffoni Film Festival 2014 (category "Generator +18") and with a second place at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, in Los Angeles, in the "Best live-action short" section.
In addition, the film will be premiered for the first time in Austin, Texas, at the Fantastic Fest 2014, in the section "Fantastic Shorts"
Last but not least, we can see it soon here in London, since The Nostalgist will be in the official selection at the upcoming edition of the BFI London Film Festival, on October, the 11th and the 13th  as part of the "Take me to the other side" programme.
Good luck and all the best to the director, Giacomo Cimini, and to all the cast and crew who has made possible this amazing success. 
Go to the official movie's website for more informations

The Nostalgist Demo Reel is online!

LIGHTING DEMO REEL 2014 from wick3d on Vimeo.

This is my new lighting demo reel. It is entirely about my last work here in London, the sci-fi 
short movie "The Nostalgist". Unfortunately, I'm still unable to freely show online any material  
about it, and for this reason the reel is password protected for now. If you are a company  
recruiter and/or you need to see the reel for any job related purposes, please feel free to contact 
me directly or to download my resume to know the password. 
To know more about The Nostalgist project, please visit the film website or go  to my
Demo Reel page.

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CG/Live-action Demo Reel 2014

CG/Live action demo reel 2014 from wick3d on Vimeo.

In this reel you can view the last two projects I worked on in Italy, together with some new shots
some new shots of "The Nostalgic" short film. For this reason, you need the password to see the
video. Grab it from my resume, here, or contact me directly.

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"La Cantata dei Pastori" - trailer (2012)

La Cantata dei Pastori - Trailer from wick3d on Vimeo.

Trailer of the 50' CG animation tv special aired on Christmas 2012 
on the main italian broadcaster.
My involvement: lighting and compositing

[Maya, Vray, Fusion]

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"Com'è bello far l'amore" - italian trailer (2012)

Com'è Bello far l'Amore- Trailer (2012) from wick3d on Vimeo.

Here I worked as a shading and lighting artist on a couple of shots
[Maya, RenderMan]

"Black To The Moon" - trailer

Black To The Moon - trailer from wick3d on Vimeo.

The trailer of an earlier version of the movie
My involvement: Lighting TD and Compositor
[Maya, MentalRay, Nuke]

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The Sentinel (w.i.p)

The Sentinel (work in progress) from wick3d on Vimeo.

Poly-model with full IK rig.
[Maya, Mental Ray]

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Eye-TV Device (complete composite)

Eye-TV Device (fluid effect) from wick3d on Vimeo.

NURBS model with voxel fluids.
[Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects]

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Salt & Lemon website intro

Salt & Lemon website intro from wick3d on Vimeo.

My involvement: all the animation (characters, props and particles).

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"Polypop" commercial

POLYPOP from wick3d on Vimeo.

Another commercial made during my work at EDI post studio, in Milan.
My involvement: Keyframe animation and lighting of the 3D character
[Houdini Master 9.5]

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"UNICO" commercial

UNICO from wick3d on Vimeo.

This is my first commercial (plate cleaning and matte painting on the last shot).
Not a big deal, but, ehi....everyone needs a starting point!
[Photoshop CS3]

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The Triclops

Triclops turnaround from wick3d on Vimeo.

Organic poly-modeling based on a design by the famous 3D artist Antropus.
[Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop]

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Ernestomeda cucine - tv commercial

Ernestomeda 2009 tv commercial from wick3d on Vimeo.

A commercial made at EDI post studio
My involvement: plate cleaning and rotoscoping.
[Apple Shake 4]

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Gianmaria Testa - Come al cielo gli aeroplani

Come al cielo gli aeroplani from wick3d on Vimeo.

An animation for an Italian singer, made as a freelancer in 2008.
My involvement: 3D airplane model, animation and rendering.
[Maya, MentalRay]

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New Holland spring special

New Holland Spring from wick3d on Vimeo.

A demo animation made for a webcast commercial for an important working vehicle brand.
My involvement: animation and rendering
[Maya, Mental Ray]